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Feb 14 11 5:52 PM

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I'm trying to track down a reference from There are two tracks in particular that seem to reference the same event:

Why is it just so hard not to gag
When a rock star adopts some big issue?
Rock star, caught wankin'
"No animal cruelty" they're likely to brag
But later they'll put a fish up some slag
For godsakes, who's taken all the tissues?
- Been Caught Wankin'

Did you hear what was caught in the newsreader's arse?
(Yeah, I did, Euge, that's what fame is all about)
In the casualty ward they had a laugh
(That's what fame is all about)
- Describe The Worst Head Job I've Had? - Fantastic!

The second one may be a reference to something else, but it sounds like it's about the same people to me. Does anyone remember who these were written about?
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Feb 14 11 6:35 PM

I'm quite sure the second quote is about an alleged incident between Johnny Diesel and Jennifer Keyte where Diesel inserted a bottle up Keyte's anus. Rumour has it that Keyte had to seek medical assistance immediately after the insertion.

In the track, "There’s More Men In Children Than Wisdom Knows", the incident is referenced:

It was all in reverse. It was a horrid contrast. It was like watching Jennifer Keyte put the Coke bottle up Johnny Diesel's arse!

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#2 [url]

Feb 14 11 8:21 PM

The first quote is a reference to an alleged incident at a hotel between members of Led Zeppelin and a groupie. According to the legend, members of the band inserted a fish into the anus of a groupie while she was passed out.

I searched "fish up anus rock star" for that one

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Feb 15 11 1:12 AM

Dunno the first. Second is Kyte / Diesel and is referenced in another song.

Not opposite day I don't think but where they refer to an upside down world where **** shoved the bottle up johnny ******* arse.

Not exactly food for thought, but it was always a funny rumour. Closest I had to it was a confirmation by a 'friend of a family friend'.

Take that, sources, insiders, onlookers and fellow diners!

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#4 [url]

Feb 19 11 12:03 AM

As usual, you chaps don't disappoint.

Interestingly, googling Jennifer Keyte Johnny Diesel led me to this nugget which contains an interesting TISM-related rumour:

I heard a good story about a guy from TISM accidently getting a sexual letter from jodie meares (packer) whilst she dated the guy from rancid? She sent it to the hotel he was staying at (during a big day out?) and it accidently got sent to the tism member with the same name...

Unfortunately, entertaining as it is, it seems unlikely: the Rancid members are/were Tim Armstrong, Lars Frederiksen, Matt Freeman, Branden Steineckert and Brett Reed.

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